It is a recurring question but never loses its essence: are we ready for the next year?. This time we have to reflect and answer honestly, because the changes that are occurring in the trends of tourists already are two steps (or three) ahead of many business models. The uncertainty is lower because there is who is responsible for guiding the industry sharing their knowledge. It is the case of and its study to discover eight predictions about the way in which travel users during the next 2016, based on data collected on its website in the form of opinions, reviews and recommendations.

 First position is placed on the power of personalization, with the ability of travelers to customize services and adapt them to their needs, even before your arrival at the destination. And all through a few clicks and the appropriate hashtag, challenging hoteliers so that they offer “a real home away from home” and converting residences and holiday rentals in an alternative more and more popular and offering services hitherto associated with the hospitality industry.

It is followed by changing the perception of long distances, thanks to the new and ultra-fast aviation technology, and the phenomenon linked to technological advances that allow already ‘virtually try before personally flying’.

Fourth, thanks to innovation ICT, describes travelers increasingly more daring, curious and with less apprehension at risk thanks to GPS, applications – guide and a booming accessibility. In the fifth place, the agency online speaks of more ‘lighter luggage’ tourists for spontaneity in choosing travel, the getaways offered through smartphones, changes in airline baggage policy…

Under the heading of ‘defining the future’, ranking places in sixth position millennials and his resignation to visit typical places to live experiences that is considered more authentic and real… and all this with the mobile as a tool to discover new destinations and meet a scout spirit. A recommendation for destinations: generate events with more power of attraction for this tourist of the Y generation.

2016 will also be a year of radical evolution in the world of business travel. Also appears the bet of executives for products and customized services and the opportunity to combine the business with the knowledge of the destination and its offer.

Closing the list of trends, not least, refers that the traveler wants to contribute to the maintenance of the environment to ‘return the satisfaction of your experience’, for example, reducing the environmental impact. Will seek a sustainability accredited and will assess options such as kilometer zero foods or the use of self-generated energy.

Dingus, that counts among its portfolio of OATs with this distribution giant, world leader of reserves through the network, coincides with this philosophy of sharing knowledge for contribute to the industry in which we develop our activity can be more competitive… Dingus was, moreover, the only Spanish company that, together with representatives from four continents, gathered at its headquarters in Amsterdam to talk about business opportunities, innovations focusing customer and connectivity, and specially, about changes in the industry.


In this sense, the OAT poses a scenario of fragmentation needed to recompose and improve innovation and collaboration, direct communication with partners in real time to provide a better experience to the customer, and move the concepts of services and acquisitions to the long-tail model. Now add the trends guide to which we have referred and which can contribute for guidance and planning next year.