Ten years is a long time. This is the time that has elapsed to consolidate the figures that characterise Dingus today: more than 1,100 hotels connected in the main tourist destinations; more than 350 distributors connected, exceeding 25,000 active connections; more than 1,000 million requests for availability supported per month and almost 5 million reservations managed in the last year, with a Revenue generated in excess of 2.5 billion euros.

But these are just some of the data that support the company when it presents itself in commercial environments, when it has to make visible results that can hardly be understood without linking them to numbers and concepts. Behind them is a whole strategy focused on the premises that characterize Dingus and that can be summarized in service, business and knowledge.

The reality is that we would not have been able to complete a decade without Etoolinnovation, Dingus’ complementary and indispensable brand of innovative and technological skills. It is the team that understands the development of new products, of consolidators, of Big Data platforms… of the digital transformation that can really take our business model into the future. And it’s brought us here, too.

Ten years after starting this project, Dingus’ aim is to continue increasing the current efficiency and profitability indicators for our clients, based on the same strategic objective that has set us apart: the management of the reserve. Our mission is to grow as a company and thus increase the pace of production of new technological tools and business models. This will allow us to assume levels of competitiveness and accelerate our growth in both size and knowledge, without renouncing the challenge of internalization and proximity to the customer.

Dingus - Playa Golf

The company’s present moment is concentrated and summarized in Hitt Group, the corporate seal to which Dingus and Etoolinnovation have evolved. But nothing of its essence, neither the projects, nor the numbers, nor the technological tools and solutions, nor the portfolio of hotels in 16 countries, 4 continents and 39 destinations would be possible without people. And this anniversary has been celebrated thanks to 64 professionals who, far from being just a number, are the main asset to be more Dingus and Etoolinnovation. More Hitt Group than ever.