• Your hotel can now achieve better results with our high quality connection to Expedia by meeting the platform’s demanding parameters for preferred partner status..

Dingus® is especially pleased to be part of the “select group of connectivity partners that in 2023 achieved remarkable results in a variety of technical and performance metrics, such as maintaining high quality connections and helping hotels grow their Expedia Group business,” the platform explains.

This status places Dingus® in the group of high quality integrated software providers, recognised for their advanced systems with a wide range of features and integrated products”. But it would not have been possible without the months of hard work between Dingus® and Cristina Alonso and Inés Hermida, Technical Relationship Manager and Senior Connectivity Account Manager respectively at Expedia. Thank you, team!

Expedia Group offers high visibility “through 200 websites and native applications, plus wider distribution through 90,000 travel agency and trade partners worldwide”.

Dingus® is the technology partner for hotel distribution and sales for more than 1,400 hotels with 375,000 available beds and more than 500 connectivities. In 2023, our tools generated more than 11 million bookings and 60 million room nights.

Now, you can further leverage your connection with Dingus® to distribute rates and availability to Expedia Group “reducing the complexity of day-to-day business operations and attracting new high-value guests”.


Cristina Torres. Dircom Dingus®