Our brand Dingus and the corporate seal Hitt Group continue during 2019 participating in different training initiatives, mostly within the university environment, and trying to transfer to the classrooms the knowledge about the application of technology in the tourism industry. This commitment has been consolidated in the third edition of the Training and Intermediation course aimed at students of Business Administration and Tourism at the Universitat de les Illes Balears, where we are once again a collaborating and participating company. Without a doubt, an opportunity to share with the 53 students (selected in strict order of registration from among more than 220 applicants) our vision of technological innovation, transferred to the tourism sector.

The course is organized one more year by DirectBeds and Mireia Faugier, based on the objective of “establishing a real and effective bridge between the expansion of training and the subsequent incorporation into the labour market of university students”. In fact, each promotion to date has attracted several of the participants to the Dingus staff.

In another training action, the facilities of Dingus, Etoolinnovation and Hitt Group were visited by HSM professionals, participants in the advanced Front Office course for reception staff. With Mireia Faugier herself, the group has addressed issues related to “high level personalized service, telephone attention, body language and courtesy rules, intermediation, Channel Manager or Yield Management… and a lot of coaching such as teamwork, empowerment or fears and keys to personal growth”. During the day, our support colleagues and the commercial area of Dingus had the opportunity to make a personalized presentation of the company and technological products and services for hotels. These are tools that several of the visitors already use in their professional tasks.


Returning to the scope of the Balearic University, we recently had the opportunity to collect the gratitude of the Faculty of Tourism for the support to its ICT training project. On this occasion we participate as partners of Turistec, along with other companies that make up the cluster. As the Dean of the Faculty, Tolo Deyá, pointed out, “the business of the future is to sell ‘product’, regardless of its location. And in this sense, tourism intermediation is booming and technologies have a lot to say and contribute, so this is a knowledge and a value that should be transferred to students”.

Finally, part of our commercial team was invited to expose the Dingus tool suite and its contribution to the distribution market and the sale of accommodation places in the Business Finance class. They were able to address aspects such as payment security and compliance with international standards applied to transactions -critical facts for hotels in the digital age- and to which we respond with the Book&Payment platform -PCI collection manager.