Over the last few years, Dingus’ product offering (Hitt Group’s brand, a pioneer in the development of online sales applications for the hotel sector, with sales management as its main objective) has increased and ranged from solutions for direct sales control to fintech applications for the management of collections and compliance with the different regulations in force. However, since this is a firm commitment to covering the needs of the market and customers, it is not the most disruptive strategy we have adopted…

An outstanding technological giant assures that not having a public Application Programming Interface in a company today is equivalent to not having a web page in the mid 90s… Well, the new qualitative leap to face technologically and in the best possible conditions the challenges that are already knocking at the doors of the tourist distribution, we give it in the form of platform APIs: a new level of collaboration between customers and suppliers, from and to each and every one of the products.

This tactic focuses resolutely on the client’s Marketplace and is inspired by three fundamental aspects: the first is to increase the capacity and speed of connectivity, ensuring the generation of business for our clients. The second is to offer all value-added services and make them available to new alliances. Last but not least, ensure levels of traceability and security that allow customers and suppliers to obtain insights on a greater capacity for data analysis.

Connectivity, integration and bidirectionality

Market-Integrator (API – Open Innovation)  represents the possibility of integrating the different tools that the hotel has in a single platform. It is clear that in the market there are multiple management and marketing solutions that improve efficiency, reduce costs and help maximize revenue, and that the hotel has complete freedom to choose the tool it deems most appropriate for each need (whether PMS, RMS or Big Data, among others …) but we talk about integrating them all bidirectionally, managing marketing from a single environment.

If the complexity of distribution for hotels is increasing with the continuous appearance of new tools that also provide new solutions, our obligation as a supplier and technological partner was to discover how to face it in the most efficient and productive way. And that alternative we believe is integration into a single platform, designed and developed based on connectivity. The aim is not only to facilitate the work of the establishment’s staff, reduce the time invested and minimise errors, but also to lay the foundations for multiplying the scope of hotel distribution and improving diversification. This is achieved by facilitating the integration of more sales channels and allowing you to also connect with CRS, airlines or even other Channel Managers. And of course, with the guarantee of being able to integrate the tools that arise and adapt to the changes that occur with the evolution of the hotel distribution itself.

Global’ concept, individualized operative

However, this apparent ‘globality’ is only so in the integrative concept of the platform. In fact, the flexibility of our own integration protocols allows us to adapt to the technical, commercial and operational needs of each sales channel, taking full advantage of the functionalities of our tools. And because we constantly evolve them according to market and customer needs, we are able to translate the product and demand advances into our integrations with agility.

The change of simultaneous positioning of both operative levels, that of the platform as agglutinator and that of Dingus’ own APIs to proceed to the integrations, is very important for our business future. It means starting a path whose goal is none other than to offer solutions based on services and the management and analysis of increasingly valuable data. But we can’t do it alone. The immediate future calls for creating an ecosystem with customers, partners and suppliers that contributes to generating new business models, more scalable and adapted to the growing needs of the market. And all this from the Open Innovation philosophy, a principle in which Dingus also wants to be a reference.

This reflection and strategic evolution towards the ‘Customer Centric’ has focused the recent presence of Dingus in the first major international tourist event of the year. At Fitur 2019 we have premiered a message aimed at explaining how we advance towards the future of the company and the technological innovation that we develop for our customers. The work of 17 people in Madrid, with coordination between the sales, implementation and support departments, has served to give visibility to the specific weight that Dingus has to offer 360º coverage.

Jaume Monserrat CEO & co-founder




Jaume Monserrat

CEO & Co-founder Hitt Group