Commitment Dingus with our clients, with the market in which we develop our activity business and of course the great asset of the company, the human team, has led us to launch the process for the implementation of ISO 9001. This international standard contains the requirements of the management model to which we aspire and as already happened with certification ISO 27001, the greatest recognition in information security that we receive from AENOR in January, we have full confidence in Binaura consultants to make it possible.

In the words of its leaders, Javier Ferretjans and Abraham Parrona, “the objective is to go even further than the implementation of the standard“. It is for this reason that tools of quality and excellence EFQM model are being used “by channeling the work towards a control box that gives information to the address of each of the processes that make decisions based on objective data”.

Dingus matches with Binaura that “the certification is a very important aspect for the company, but not the ultimate goal”. In fact, it is the starting point “since the day after having this accreditation, we must continue working to maintain and constantly improve all processes and accredited concepts”. It’s a way of working that ensures optimum performance of each task and a “quality level of service and relationship with the customer that can be measured in a tangible way through indicators”.

 At the moment, Binaura consultants already done Focus Group sessions to agree on the general procedures of the organization. It is the starting point to devote the coming months to establish everything that will allow the more effective quality management system. And with this we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers, to develop and strengthen the position of Dingus on the transnational market, and better manage the resources of the company.

In this new initiative we all have clear that a quality management system adapted to our features is a great tool to confront the challenges of marketing in the tourism sector with greater competitiveness.