The ExCel centre in London has this year been the setting for a new edition of the World Travel Market, one of the main international tourist events along with Fitur in Madrid and the ITB in Berlin which will be held in January and March 2019, respectively. The fair welcomed around 5,000 exhibitors from 182 markets and almost 11,000 professionals, generating a turnover of around 3,000 million.

For yet another year, technology for the tourism industry has had a leading role that continues to rise, even becoming the central theme of the ministerial summit held in parallel to the WTM by the World Tourism Organization. The meeting has served to demand more investment in innovation and technological advances for the sector, calling for the development of an innovation ecosystem, decision-making based on data or the ‘digital brand’ of destinations. The role of governments and their policies in the intelligent management of tourism was also discussed.


Book&Payment: technology + security

Aligned with all these premises, at Dingus we have gone one step further than technological development with our commitment to security, and we have presented Book&Payment (PCI-Collection Manager) at WTM.

This platform, designed to comply with the PCI-DSS standard, reduces fraud by increasing security and optimizing collection processes, agilizing telephone sales. In addition, it makes it possible to broaden the vision of hotel sales by unifying Cashflow and Revenue in real time.

For Dingus, the tranquility of our clients is essential, and this is what we have assured in the World Travel Market to those who already trust us or will soon do so. We are constantly working to guarantee four priority aspects of the business:

  • The quality of connectivity to expand trade capacity
  • Data integrity, guaranteeing constant, stable and reliable data flow between customers and all channels (distribution and payment)
  • Transaction security, something that forms part of the scope of ISO 27001 with which we guarantee the implementation of the Information Management System
  • The profitability of the sale, promoting a scalable business model that allows the use of our tools in a more efficient way

Remember that we not only contribute to protecting the security of your customers, but by ensuring that your contact center complies with PCI-DSS standards you are also safeguarding your business, financially and legally. With the technological solution Book&Payment we protect the card data of the users, minimizing the falsifications of EMV (the IC card interoperability standard). These data are encrypted and are not visible by any intermediary.

As we have indicated in all the meetings held at the London tourism fair, the main advantages of this product to boost sales are basically three:

  • Improve your client’s perception of quality
  • Increases buying confidence
  • Reduces intermediation costs