The importance of cloud computing in the business model of Dingus was exposed as an example business in the Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca. The Agency and the Foundation Bit have celebrated the last of their encounters of technological advice for entrepreneurs and SMEs, based on this occasion in the cloud computing: its advantages and risks.

The company specialized in intellectual and industrial property Clarke, Modet & Co. was in charge of analyzing different business models based on this technology presenting the Dingus experience as an example. President and CEO, Jaume Monserrat stressed that “to small businesses strategies cloud allows compete in the market at the same level of technological resources than larger”. And reducing the total cost of ownership, and enabling a high level of scalability based on business.

Monserrat also said that for his group, Dingus and the partner of Microsoft E-Tooltech “it has been one of the better decisions, bringing with him rethink from the design of the software up to the types of technologies to be used”.

Between the overall benefits of the strategy cloud, in addition to the cost savings, Dingus officer spoke of its easy implementation, flexibility and scalability. Also to “allow the company concentrate its efforts on the core issues for the business or more sustainability, since cloud services providers offer greater efficiency in the management and use of assets by its ability of taking advantage of economies of scale”.

Jaume Monserrat referred to Dingus as a pioneer in the adoption of this strategy “implemented in 2010 and that have grown with high levels of services, safety, and cost as adjusted as possible based on the generation of business”.