The internationalization of Dingus initiated in Mexico (Cancun-Quintana Roo) is proving to be a necessary and rewarding bet. In two of the most important aspects for the company: the brand recognition and confirmation that the glocalization (globalization and localization) is a suitable strategy for our business model.

In a recent meeting with customers, partners, and local leads, CEO Dingus and commercial Director of the Mexican division, Jaume Monserrat and Ignacio Bucio, respectively, had the opportunity to see first hand the positive evolution of the degree of perception of our technological solutions for optimal hotel marketing.


In the Mexican market is perceived, and thus made us know that the constant evolution and improvement in our technology and processes, makes us partners to integrate all your management needs. But we have also proven that the company is considered as a local brand, a project that without renouncing the already inevitable and necessary global concept, knows and can understand the needs of the market where it operates. With all its particularities, idiosyncrasy and demands.

The road map marked two years ago is being fulfilled and Dingus wants to thank everyone for their confidence and expectations in our possibilities: not to disappoint is not a challenge. It is an obligation and a commitment. And so we had the chance to move it, among others, to Price Travel, Best Day, Tourico, Sandos, Karisma hotels and Cancun’s Hotel Association.

To all those who maintained contact with the delegation hispano – Mexican of Dingus, thank you for the welcome and good summer. From Spain and Mexico, some closer than others, continue working both to be the benchmark in the distribution technology, as to meet your goals.