If the increase of the sales depends on the increase of the possibilities, Dingus has just made grow exponencialmente the same ones connecting our clients of BookinCenter with one of the principal banks of beds of the world: GTA.

This alliance is especially attractive due to the big expectations of the distributor in the destinations of Latin America and Caribbean, where Dingus has an important recognition of brand and the interest of the sector to incorporate our solutions.

Gulliver’s Travel Associates, acquired by Kuoni Group in 2011 to stimulate his business online in the area of receptively, is nowadays one of the leaders in the distribution of trips. They support him forty years of experience, more than 45.000 properties and 150.000 available services in 185 destinations. The bet of immediate future happens, between other lines, for the growth in Europe, the market ‘ long tail ‘ in places removed from those of major flow of traditional tourism, and an important digital approach.

The company has started this 2015 an out-standing investment in innovation, which aim is that the tourists could travel all over the world from an easier and simple form. Dingus already is a part of this technological bet and Bookincenter the tool to connect his clients with the distributor of trips.