Although the professionals who make daily work possible at Hitt Group and its brands Dingus and Etoolinnovation are many more, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the team that will soon be moving to Fitur 2019.

In this edition of the International Tourism Fair in Madrid, we are going to deploy a comprehensive coverage to explain all that it implies to operate with our technological solutions.  Beyond the commercial action of the appointment itself, with a schedule of meetings that to date already about fifty, we plan to expose both our products and services as well as the processes and protocols that are implemented when hiring them. In addition, we want Fitur to be an area of generation of new business possibilities… and direct contact with customers, channels and partners that are already part of our portfolio.

In order to maintain our objective of making it easier for hotels to manage sales globally, in recent months we have continued to work on defining new instruments that make it possible not only more efficiently, but also more comfortably for the client. For this reason, we materialize an strategic change focused on the mentioned customer, in their needs and particularities, betting for example on API Market Integrator. This concept and its incorporation to the operative of the hotels, is designed to multiply the capacity of commerce of our products, integrating in a fast and flexible way any other product and service of the market. API Market Integrator will offer above all bidirectionality, ensuring traceability and security of transactions.

Fitur will also debut MyChannel, a new service aimed at small and medium-sized independent establishments. It fulfills one of our main premises: to design an innovative and competitive product, basing that competitiveness on the type of service. MyChanel allows you to specify a structured service internally, optimizing time in processes and management.

And of course, our colleagues present at the tourist fair will be able to give all the details about Bookincenter, Roomonline, and Book&Payment, also attending to issues such as those related to implementation. This procedure begins with the reception of the new client and the initial audit and continues with the training, as well as the transfer to the Support team of all the advice that the user may require despite the management autonomy acquired.

If you have not yet arranged your appointment, look for us at stand 9 in hall 10 (Know-How & Export module) of Turistec, where we have set the meeting point as partners of the International Cluster of Information and Communication Technologies applied to Tourism.