No company, even those that base their business model on the technology, which should give direct contact with customers. So last May we conducted an intense schedule of meetings in two very important areas for Dingus in Spain as well as in the city of our Mexican division, Cancun.

From Andalusia to the Costa Dorada, in Tarragona, and finally in the state of Quintana Roo, we had the opportunity to meet with all those who every day rely on our solutions for your marketing activity of hotel rooms more agile, efficient and effective.

These meetings allow us to directly expose the strategy of evolving our business model in the coming months and gradual improvement initiatives we implemented in our technology solutions. Obviously with the ultimate aim of increasing the satisfaction of all those who bet on us.


Reservations processed in the reference areas of meetings, development of online sales, managed requests, distribution channels… put numbers on the table of customers Dingus is more than an exercise in transparency and responsibility: we are convinced that it is best to share the knowledge we built up with our environment. Especially if it can be converted into a reference and a guide to new trends for the entire industry.

Clearly, all this information can be sent by mail, video conferencing, telephone… but we love doing it in person. Because for Dingus, customers come first and more to report, we like to share.