For the third consecutive year, Dingus is one of the companies that will collaborate with the tourism Faculty of the University of the Balearic Islands. As a member of the international cluster of technologies of information and communication applied to tourism, our organization has renewed its commitment to bring to students all the technological knowledge that may be useful to complete the training in the tourism field.

This project of turistec and the UIB is being consolidated as one of the tools most useful and interesting for the students of grade, which can well know the advantages that new technologies of information and communication will provide them in their professional future.

Following the line of the two previous courses, the agreement ratified by Dingus in the presence of those responsible for the Cluster and the University contemplates that participants contribute voluntarily to the training action, helping to acquire ICT skills during the learning stage and promoting the correct application of the skills acquired.

The Rector of the UIB, Llorenç Huguet, emphasizes that “initiatives like this contribute to approach society to the University, a stretch that has been shortened in recent years but which still need much involvement, including companies, to make education a task for all”, while in Dingus believe that these alliances are also a way to promote innovation and the development of talent.