By the hand of Lowcosttravelgroup, LCTG, positioned between the 6 main beds worldwide banks and established itself as the main travel agencies online in Europe, Dingus has had the opportunity of approaching those hoteliers interested in increase your sales through the platform of channel manager in the last webinar Hosteltur.

Lowcosttravelgroup had the occasion to present their studies of market in relation to the preferences of the customers in the reserves, and how hoteliers can increase sales. Dingus, meanwhile, contributed to the seminar with the speeches of the President and CEO of the company, Jaume Monserrat, and Director of operations, Javier de Cabo. Between the two they moved to participants the technological solutions that the company can provide to optimize the business.

In the words of the own Monserrat, “we seek to add value to the channel by providing customer the Know How of the tourism sector in general and the knowledge accumulated about the needs of hotel distribution in particular”. As for the Dingus relationship with the channels, the company has vocation that is as important as that maintains with customers in the role of provider specializing in online distribution systems. Thus “should maintain continuous contact with the channel and, above all, to meet the needs that are arising for sales in the most effective way possible”.

Meetings such as the one organized by Hosteltur to LCTG allow Dingus expose his capacity to understand and integrate accurate business models to gain in efficiency and effectiveness “giving also a point differential when selling the hotel product that marketed”.

Thank you to Lowcosttravelgroup for allowing us to share this online seminar, and Hosteltur by this initiative, trusting have also transferred to participants our vocation to offer an instrument that goes far beyond the simple technological distribution of the channel data.