• The meeting to thank the confidence in the Mexican division of the brand was attended by the CEO of Dingus and the Business Development Manager-Product, Jaume Monserrat and Paula Servera.

La Fonda del Zancudo in Cancun recently hosted the meeting organized by Dingus in Mexico with our partners, channels, customers and friends of the delegation from which we operate for much of the Caribbean.

More than fifty attendees were able to enjoy the evening, which was also intended for the official presentation in Mexico of our collections manager -PCI, Book&Payment, which has begun its deployment of capabilities in 2018.

Representatives of the main hotels with presence in the Mexican Caribbean and of the distribution channels with which they connect through Dingus technology, were the protagonists of a night that was hosted by our companions in the Quintana Roo delegation.

From the central offices in Spain Jaume Monserrat and Paula Servera joined the celebration. The CEO of Dingus and Hitt Group took the opportunity to highlight the consolidation of our technology products and services “now safer than ever –Monserrat said– by incorporating the Book&Payment solution and its PCI-DSS compliance capabilities. This standard has inspired the development of the platform for the validation and security of credit cards and the incorporation of Cash-Flow to Revenue in real time”.

This tool completes the catalogue of products such as Bookincenter, PMSconnect and Roomonline (which is already the second sales channel for customers of the brand that use it, with more than 300 M€ in 2018 and a growth of 42% compared to 2017). In 2019 “we will take one (or several) more step towards the customer’s Marketplace objective: integration with their tools is the main purpose of the Dingus API-market for all our products, advanced Monserrat. The idea is for hotels to be able to improve their systems by incorporating advanced technology for distribution”.

For its part, Paula Servera had the opportunity to maintain a first contact with Dingus Mexico and its daily operations. The Business Development Manager-Product has a long and renowned career in the tourism sector, where she has performed different functions in areas such as contracting or the development of bed bank systems.

Dingus México

At Dingus, she has taken on the responsibility of business development “with all that it entails in transferring knowledge of customers, hotels, to the operational areas, identifying and taking advantage of opportunities. One of the great challenges will be the definition of new products and services required, as well as determining strategies for business development and the establishment of synergies and market studies”.

Thank you for joining us and trusting Dingus to Ocean H10; Valentín Imperial Maya; Sirenis; JW Marriott; Playa Resorts; Bahía Príncipe; Hotelspro; Hotelsbeds; Nexus and W2M

The celebration in Cancun leaves for the memory the video that we invite you to know in