• The aim of this series of talks is to bring the clusters and their companies closer to civil society, in order to give visibility to their work in R+D+I and in knowledge transfer.

IBTalks is an initiative of the Government of the Balearic Islands and the Balearic Foundation for Innovation and Technology (BIT Foundation) that in this edition has bet on giving prominence to the clusters that operate in the islands, or from them. In this sense, Turistec, the International Cluster of Information and Communication Technologies applied to Tourism and to which Hitt Group is associated through Etoolinnovation and Dingus, starred in the last session of these meetings. The CEO of Dingus, Jaume Monserrat, was in charge of taking part in a debate on “New technologies for new travellers”, where the extraordinary change in habits and behaviours that ICTs are promoting among tourism and travel customers of the 21st century was highlighted.

In Monserrat’s words,”tourism has people as its main raw material, and their role is clearly changing the value chain, at least in the industry that we know best in our company: the hotel industry”. That is why “technology organizations like ours are also specializing in emerging market niches, and we seek the most appropriate stakeholders to meet the demand of new customers.

The innovation provoked by mobility, IoT, the personalisation of the offer or Big Data, among other aspects, requires a great deal of knowledge of the market and its trends, inspiring Dingus, in this case, to “put at the disposal of the accommodation sector tools and technological solutions that can always be one step ahead, to adapt to the needs that the hotel does not even perceive it will have”.

in front of a traveler who is setting the pace like never before, our CEO assured that “knowing his priorities and developing or evolving the technology that can satisfy them -with the confidence of the hotelier to use them in his business strategy- is the complex environment in which we compete and in which we cannot lower our guard”.

All the speakers at the IBTalks’ 17 session agreed that the tourist knowledge that characterizes Turistec and its associated companies, as well as the potential in ingenuity and imagination of them and the passion for R+D+I, are a reference point for the increasing willingness of hotels to “invest in technology with intelligence and awareness of what it contributes to their business value”.