• All hotel portals that use our booking engine already redirect from http to https, with the added security that it represents.

The latest and most recent update of the Bookinweb application (the tool that allows full integration and connection with the property website and all other Dingus solutions) already redirects from http to https. The progressive migration of customers with the .roomonline domain is now underway.

What are the advantages of this adaptation to the S protocol?

  • Privacy and security for customers and partners
  • Reducing the risk of theft and misuse of data and information
  • Positive impact on search engine ranking factors
  • Enables the use of http/2 to improve web performance
  • the certificate is recognized by users and inspires confidence

In itself, the https certificate (Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure) is an application protocol based on http and intended for the secure transfer of Hypertext data. In short, it is the secure version of http. The difference between accessing a web site this way or using https is as noticeable as the fact that browsing data travels unencrypted between a device and the page server, or that they do so encrypted, so that if someone intercepts them, it is impossible (or very difficult) to read them. Ultimately, it is that important extra layer of encryption security (SSL or Secure Sockets Layer).

Currently all browsers verify this security certificate, verifying that it has not expired or that it is a reliable entity, and warn whether the page is safe or not, as if it is a dangerous and unreliable place. Although the https protocol is not exactly a new one (born 24 years ago), it has recently been adopted by Internet as the default protocol for accessing their websites

In the case of Google, in particular, not only promotes it, but insists on the address https to avoid loss of SEO traffic and reliability in the statistical data of websites. That’s why we highlight five basic aspects of marketing:

First of all, using this protocol is very important for searches. Also in terms of safety for users and as a factor of user confidence. It is required for mobile acceleration (AMP) and provides metric accuracy.

Already commonly used by online shops, banks and all services that require the sending of personal data or passwords (all that is the e-commerce environment in short) it is unthinkable that our customers do not have this extra security that Dingus is providing. We work so that our solutions and tools generate added value to our customers.