Bookincenter, which functions as a Channel Manager, Reservations and Call Centre, and stands as the heart of Dingus’ solutions, has just launched, after a year of hard work, its new HTml5 version with enhanced functionalities. Due to its constant development as a result of clients’ inputs and their actual sales needs, the new solution fits perfectly with all management requirements and online distribution.

The end result is an improved new version whose great advantage is that it can be easily integrated with other Dingus solutions and with other hotel management applications. The performance superiority added to a much easier browsing makes this version a successful start-up.

The process has resulted in a year of intense work, while studying, screen by screen, how and which are the clients’ daily routines and most common requests. Additionally, it allows for multiple browsing from the same screen: hotel rate promotions, the multi-tariff to be applied, cancelation charges, business rules and price control.

One of the most outstanding improvements is the use of messages and colour-grade alerts that guide the user throughout the application to prevent management errors or the application of user-customizable multiple advanced filters.

The creation of new screens, such as calendar price displays, allows for, depending on the combination used, daily room price management, the price control that now results in a much more detailed calculation breakdown, including the option for adding extras or the reservation that has more capability in the search because of the screen filter increase.

This new version was presented in the Canary Islands at the beginning of July and in Mallorca last week, and the Dingus team will now proceed to do the same within the next few weeks in Barcelona and Marbella. All this with the aim of bringing our clients closer to the new version of a service with which hotel sales departments will interact on a daily basis. Additionally, and in order to reinforce the key points of the launch, Dingus will organize online seminars targeted only to our customers.