More than twelve million North Americans and Canadians travel to Caribbean zones to enjoy anually his vacations. The forecasts aim at that might be 30 millions in a few years. Between the principal motives would be 5’5 days that of average these tourists dedicate to his rest and five hours that at the maximum they dedicate to travelling, especially during the winter in the north of the continent.

Conscious of these peculiarities, the TTOO of the USA and Canada are immersed in the bet for the chains that operate with them in destinations as Mexico and Dominican Republic. And for this motive, Dingus is guaranteeing also relations and reinforcing his positioning between the principal issuers to the Caribbean. The latter weeks we have returned to be invited to visit all those wholesalers been interested in Dingus’s tools to improve the hotel commercialization.

Besides the knowledge of the tourist market, the trends and products, as well as of the technology that Dingus develops, these TTOO are conscious of an accredited experience that is translated nowadays in 800 hotels connected with 6.000 daily reservations and the constant incorporation of possibilities and improvements.

These days, with the wholesalers of Canada and USA, we search more big allies for the clients of products and technological solutions Dingus.