• CEO and co-founder of Dingus and Hitt Group, Jaume Monserrat, will take part in the round table on ‘strategies for sustainable tourism in Fuerteventura’.
  • Creating Sustainability is the motto of the fourth edition of this international congress, to be held on 4 and 5 December with the collaboration of the University of La Laguna and the Association of Tourist Businessmen of the Canary Island, Asofuer.

“Where should the tourism sector be heading?. What trends should we bear in mind for the development of tourism in Fuerteventura and the Canary Islands? What does seem clear is that the trends point to the need to redefine certain relationships between the tourism sector, the technologies and the different socio-economic actors that articulate this scenario. Is the tourism sector prepared to incorporate the digital transformation processes that are currently taking place? What is required for this and what are the main challenges that tour operators have to face?”. These are, according to the organisers, the questions and concerns for which answers will be sought in the round table ‘Strategies for sustainable tourism in Fuerteventura’ in which Jaume Monserrat will participate on 4 December.

CEO and co-founder of Dingus and Hitt Group, also president of the International Cluster of Information and Communication Technologies applied to Tourism, Turistec, has been invited to participate in the international congress FTV 4.0 of Technology and Tourism that organizes, in its fourth edition, the Cabildo de la isla canaria. The event has the collaboration of Asofuer (the Association of Tourist Businessmen of Fuerteventura) and the Tenerife university of La Laguna, which shows the interest of the public and private sector in the challenge of tourism sustainability.

The topics of the presentations will deal with the circular economy (for the regeneration and environmental evolution of the planet), the so-called blue economy, which recognises the importance of seas and oceans as economic engines, or the transition from basic science to basic applications in tourism. In addition, the Fuerteventura congress will talk about ‘neuropsychology in the kitchen’ and KM0 production, or the fight against marine pollution.

The agenda for the two sessions also includes workshops on 4.0 pastries, drones and web scraping (extraction of information from websites using software and uses such as positioning on the Internet), forming a multidisciplinary and heterogeneous appointment with the common goal of promoting the binomial tourism and sustainability.

You can consult the program and register by clicking here. From Dingus we wish all participants a good congress. We are sure it will be very interesting.