• What is being reserved, for when and through which channel, are some of the data that we will extract weekly from our Big Data platform in development, making the information analyzed by DataHotel available to our clients. The measurements, which are updated and evolve in real time, offer contrasting data on the last few days and ‘intelligent’ projections to show the foreseeable path in tourism marketing and distribution. Week by week we will show the way the market is opening in the hotels connected to Dingus, so that each customer can decide how to go about it.

Our philosophy of 360 service does not only imply developing the technology that offers the hotelier this integral possibility, allowing him to manage his business from all angles… we also believe that providing information and sharing knowledge is part of the commitment of ‘global’ accompaniment to our customers.

For this reason, and in such an extremely complex, unpredictable and unexpected scenario, we are going to try to shed some light on a business that in so many cases has gone to a situation of zero income.

We put DataHotel to work for the hotels in the Dingus portfolio

In fact, it will not be until the second half of the year that our Big Data and Business Intelligence platform will be operational to go to market. But currently the technological development of DataHotel already allows us to measure a series of indicators and to observe a sufficient behavior of the flows to draw conclusions.

For example:

Between 30 March and 5 April, in our hotels in 25 countries and 52 destinations, it is clear that the booking curve is down compared to the previous week; that OTAs and TTOO (by 38.4% and 24% respectively) were the main booking channels; that about 66 per cent of customers will be staying in the establishment within at least six months (another 20 per cent have a date of arrival within two to four months), and that the majority stay will be for one week, between 5 and 7 days (45.4 per cent) in a double room, because more than 65% of sales ask for this option. The most active channels in the projection at the end of this year, also according to the information of this specific moment, places the Tour Operators as the most active channels in the reserve (40%) followed by the OTAs.

The first result of the platform, DataHotel, will be available in due course. But if what it already calculates reliably can help, how could we not share it? Getting out of the crisis is everyone’s business. It benefits us all.