As providers of cutting-edge technology for the marketing and management of the sale of hotels, and in quality of partners of Turistec, Dingus is pleased – for the third consecutive year – to sponsor the next International Brokerage Event of EUREKATOURISM+ and the Cluster of International Information and Communication Technologies applied to tourism.

This time, the brokerage event sponsored by the umbrella of Tourism of the EUREKA network will take place in Madrid, specifically at the headquarters of the CEOE located in C/ Diego de Leon 50 (two previous editions were held in the Parc Bit of Palma, the technology park where you will find the offices of Dingus in Spain). The change of scenery is due to different strategic factors in the cluster that presides over the CEO of our organization, Jaume Monserrat. These include enabling the meeting of partners and collaborators of Turistec with different partners and customers of their companies in the spanish capital. The organizers also believe that it will be easier to the assistance of companies, entities and agencies of the peninsula and different countries interested in participating. But on the whole it bet by promoting Turistec as ICT-tourism referent in international terms, and attract the cluster and the Balearic Islands companies and entrepreneurs pointers in the development and technological innovation.

Will be Jaume Monserrat who, in his capacity as President of Turistec and EUREKATOURISM+ inaugurate the day. The expert in branding Andy Stalman will be the main speaker with his speech “From BrandonOffOn to HumanOffOn” to remember, both to technological companies as to the tourist industry, that everything begins and ends with the people and how these should be claimed in the digital era.

Andres Saborido, director of Wayra Spain (national division of Telefonica Startups Accelerator) will deliver the first lecture devoted to innovation systems, while Fermin Calvo – which was director of government and Telco Deployment 3.0, also in Telefónica – will present the latest trends in digital transformation. The last panel will address Ciberriesgo, Cybersecurity and the Digital Agenda as aspects of the new economy of tourism.

In the workshops is expected to intervene responsible for Segittur, the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), the Association Innovalia, Oracle, Software AG Spain, and Fortinet Meru, among others. The event will end with the bilateral meetings organized by the Fundació Bit, which collaborates in this edition through the project EEN (Enterprise Europe Network), a network with a presence in 66 countries.


The brokerage event is, in essence, a meeting organized for the competitiveness, addressed to all those who design and implement ICT to improve the tourist activity. If you want to know more details about the 3rd International Brokerage Event “Driving tourism toward digital transformation”, sponsors, collaborators and participants, you can see and if you want to attend you can register at