In Dingus we were convinced that the Hosteltur Forum would be a success. As sponsors we know the convening power of the prestigious publication and as fellow travelers who have shown our business from Mallorca to the world, we did not doubt the quality of the event and its speakers.

So what is left now is to take the debate of ideas and insights provided in the Forum, attended by over 400 professionals, to lead the tourism and businesses connected with it to the stage that customers are demanding.

Possibilities such as ‘hyper personalization’ of the product through the Big Data, completion of cycles against a constant revolution, communication through social networks or the concentration process that requires addressing strategic moves were some of the considerations of the encounter with the title of ‘intermediation, price and value in tourism’.

As company marketing technology solutions for the hotel industry, we invite everyone to analyze some challenges that, in the words of the experts, is that “we must be where the customers are, through the channel of their choice”.

Similarly the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Spain, born in Mallorca as Hosteltur and Dingus (a common denominator of tourist experience), who said at the closing of the Forum that “hyper consumer should not be seen as a threat but as an opportunity.”

In Dingus we work to meet all the needs of the distribution and direct sale of the hotel, with a condition that was also highlighted in the Hosteltur Forum: we have to compete with quality and added value that we can give our products