This week, Dingus had the opportunity to participate together with Quonext and Beonprice in the X Knowing for Growing of the Turistec technology and tourism cluster, the first one held in digital format. Compared to previous editions, which were held in person and with limited capacity, this virtual event has allowed dozens of participants to participate, so that the benefits of the integration of tourism technologies for the hotel sector have been presented to a large audience.

Our head of business development, Paula Servera, explained how new technologies should contribute to “order the complexity of the distribution map, facilitate the implementation of strategies that allow for the generation of greater revenue, and reduce management costs. These three pillars have become even more important in the current context, in which technology has to be the basis on which to promote new commercial strategies and income generation, while promoting the reduction of costs that hotels are forced to face in the face of the contraction of demand”.  

In Dingus we defend the fact that the optimum integration of different technologies, each specialised in its own field, allows tools to be managed in a simple and unified manner, obtaining the greatest value from each one of them.

If you would like to know everything that was said in the debate by Servera, Sebastiá Vidal (Quonext Tourism Sales Director) and Julia Rey (Beonprice Academy Director) click here. Moderated by the IT director of the Piñero Group, Mateo Ramón.