Being clear that adaptation to the needs of customers is the key to the current business models, and that this function lies with the marketing, Dingus shapes its own idea for this task: a Marketing Plan that will be a useful and effective tool, and that already has been submitted to the management team of the company.

In the words of the CEO of Dingus, Jaume Monserrat “involves increasing the commitment to address organizational change processes and management models which we believe to be essential to increase the value chain and putting it at the height of the reputation of the mark”. In addition, the company wants to open a period of contributions and opinions which convert it into a participatory strategic plan.

To get here have been required months of analysis, exchange of opinions, assessment of the situation and review of current approaches and future… Director of Marketing, Xisco Mateu, recognizes that “the elaboration of a plan of this nature is a process long and complex, not only because of the degree of knowledge of the entity and its environment that requires.” Also by the need to analyze the key aspects of the business to promote them”.

It is a reality that Dingus must have a plan of this kind, said Monserrat, ensuring that “the importance of the brand requires new commitments to quality and excellence in service, aspects that we consider key to the company’s competitiveness in a global market in which we act”.

Moreover, Mateu recognizes that he now starts most importantly: the implementation of the Marketing Plan “that is as essential as the strategy. In fact, the first objective that implies is precisely to develop plan of action consistent with that strategy.”

Dingus philosophy revolves about teamwork, so this plan will be for a few weeks at the disposal of all the members of the company. Knowledge of this project and the opinions and suggestions that will provide will give final form to a document that is ready to fulfil its main objective: ensure positioning and future service level, says Jaume Monserrat “at the height of the needs of the customers of Dingus anywhere in the world”.