Generate a maxim in the already infinite world of the tourism it continues being possible. Just a matter of observing, to analyze and allow the experiences and contributions of all can be sharing. It’s a fundamental part not only of knowledge as a product, but as value.

Turn it, in addition, into solutions, the beginning that inspires the model of Dingus’s business. It is true that we are employed at the development of technological tools that allow to manage and to facilitate the commercialization and the hotel distribution depending on every circumstance and moment.But also that we do not conform with it.

At the moment we decided to internationalize the company and meet the challenge of an as exciting as the Caribbean market, we knew we needed something more. We are now committed to this anticipation that draws on ideas and learn to anticipate the demands or requirements that have not even been raised. We are convinced that a needs without solution it’s a problem, and that our challenge is not to let that happen.

The event Connected to Sell in Mexico is based on that philosophy. Now that our brand in the country is known and recognized, we want to thank them Dingus style: facilitating the things in order that your company confronts in the best conditions to the present … and know that for the future it can possess a confidence ally.

This October 9, from 9 a.m., in the Hotel Riu Caribe Cancún, experts and professionals like Alejandro Lazcano (Excellence Group Luxury Hotels and Resorts), Pablo Castro (Expedia) and Natalia Torres (Despegar) will be some of the companions of this exciting trip with stop in Mexico.

We meet tomorrow!


 Jaume Monserrat Dingus CEO