60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are the decades of the last century in which the people who are currently employed in the Hitt Group were born. Between them appeared Internet, mobile telephony, virtual reality, Big Data … the ICTs in which, in short, the business model of Dingus and Etooltech is based.

Far from being a problem, in both companies we see how the need to manage a common project at four different speeds teaches us to be more flexible and receptive. And that is a great exercise to interpret the needs of our hotel clients in an environment of digital transformation, globalization and personalization of the experiences demanded by the hosted tourist, renewing our commitment to the digitization of the tourism industry.

In a way, intergenerational coexistence trains us for Hitt’s (Holding for IT & Tourism) objective of moving towards the digital economy which in 2020 will already contribute 11 billion Euros to the EU’s GDP. All this exercises us to adapt to changing environments, redesigning strategies and revising business models, to be flexible to continue being part of a technological ecosystem outside of which Dingus and Etooltech would not make sense.

This reflection, expressed in terms of remembering the business objectives, vision and mission of the group, challenges and objectives for 2017 and 2018, was part of the message of the annual convention celebrated of the Playa Golf hotel (Mallorca-Balearic Islands). All this backed by the figures that make us a reference technology supplier: in only one lustrum has gone from managing 623 thousand reserves / year to 3,715,000 reserves / year and generating 2,255 reserves / day in 2012 to exceed 10,179 reserves / day during the past 2016.

They are only two of the indicators shared in a day that also addressed talent and how to convince him to develop his professional project in the organization, considering people as the main asset and customers as the recipients of the effort. In fact, Hitt Group’s philosophy maintains the principle that customer success is ours.

The convention reported on last year’s business figures, budgets and perspectives for 2017, as well as the creation of new departments, the launch of more projects in the portfolio and the incorporation of new members.

And all this on a saturday morning with a very complete agenda, where the explanations were more than adequately combined with the impeccable breakfast and lunch offered by Playa Golf, and the companionship session that made us share Sergio García (Alquimia Financiera), our collective trainer for one day.