• In the PCIconnect pilot test at the Majorcan hotel chain, the payment gateway used wasADDON Payments from Comercia Global Payments
  • Three partners are satisfied with a collaboration that consolidates the necessary understanding between the hotels and the different service providers for the security of customer information and data.

In order to build a collection management platform for our customers that meets all standards and requirements for card security and validation, Dingus has relied on the invaluable collaboration of Garden Hotels for the PCIconnect pilot test. It is the key technological piece developed by our brand Etoolinnovation that allows the hotel to connect with the payment gateway required by PCI DSS.

The regulations of this industry with brands such as Visa and MasterCard at the head, recalls the head of E-Commerce of the Mallorcan hotel chain “implies a high level of exigency in our daily operations to avoid credit card fraud, keeping the cardholder’s data secure. So an effective and reliable resource that makes our task easier, especially when it is a product of a reference partner for us as Dingus – says Esperanza Pascualhas been the best alternative to operate in the mandatory PCI environments”. Esperanza Pascual believes that Garden Hotels can thus “make progress in meeting the requirements of the standard, providing added peace of mind and security to our customers, and with the advantages it offers for our own business model”. PCIconnect is the result of the functionality of recovering credit cards from reservations, sending them over PCI DSS certified methods and technology to the payment provider for tokenization, custody of card data, and sending the result to PMS…all without interfering with the sales and management operations.

Working together on the axis of safety

Another indispensable intervention in the pilot project for the effective testing of PCIconnect at Garden Hotels has been that of Comercia Global Payments. The business association between CaixaBank and Global Payments is the entity whose payment platform has been trusted for the pilot. The Ecommerce Sales Channel Manager, Noelia Ruiz Santacana, assures that “with regard to the end customer, it is essential that regulations such as the PCI DSS regulations exist and are respected, since this is the guarantee they have to know that the transactions they make are secure, as well as the certainty that the hotels do not store their data without their consent”.

Ruiz Santacana reminds that ADDON Payments is the gateway responsible for guarding the generated code “once the card data has been captured and encrypted alphanumerically, generating a new code that can be used by the reservation center, to be able to charge during check-in, checkout, or execute a no-show rule in case the customer does not show up”. Even more important for the establishment, concludes the expert in Ecommerce, is that “this token or unit of value allows the generation of new online collection transactions”.

The cornerstone of this joint action with Garden Hotels and Comercia Global Payments is none other than the security required by hotels to prevent the data they handle from being lost or leaked to unauthorised third parties. Above all, in a global environment where information security is the great added value in industries such as tourism.

Building Book&Payment

For Dingus, the conclusion of the pilot project at Garden Hotels means that our clients can now operate their transactions with complete security and peace of mind, since their contact center complies with PCI DSS standards and, in addition, the business is financially and legally protected.

PCIconnect and its connection possibilities with the payment gateways chosen by our customers offer advantages such as: better quality perception of the establishment by the user, increased confidence in the purchase and reduced brokerage costs. All this, says Dingus CEO Jaume Monserrat, translates into “a clear increase in sales. It is also important to ensure that with this solution Dingus never loses custody of the reservation, with all that this implies, because the PCI environment is own“.

Monserrat recalls that this is only a first step in the Book&Payment project being developed by Hitt Group’s brand, Etoolinnovation: “our platform foresees combining the logic of the hotel business with the management of collections, based on the fact that a good sales management involves the association of the pricing policy with the collection policy. In other words, to adapt the way in which reservations are collected to the type of fare and offer that is being applied at all times. That’s why something that has hitherto been alien to the commercial management of a hotel becomes a strategic aspect”.

We are working to ensure that our customers have the channel connectivity logic, the tariffs and also the pricing and booking logic in a single environment. Thus, they can combine all these variables in detail to increase the revenue of the establishment, optimize the sales processes, reduce the number of no shows and diversify the collection strategy in multiple channels.