The Spanish Costa Brava just enter fully into the summer season, and for Dingus is all a satisfaction to know the expectations and confidence of H.TOP Hotels to do so with Bookincenter.

Our company is consolidated as well as technological partner of this true benchmark for hotels and hotel chains in Catalonia, taking the relationship supplier-customer the most important phase for us: that of entrenched fellow travelers in this business adventure that is the holiday activity.

At the same moment in which thousands of people are looking for the destination and the ideal place to enjoy a few days of rest, (or Sun and beach, cultural routes, or the unique attractions of Barcelona and Girona…) H.TOP Hotels has the tranquility of its consolidated offer, especially in the British market. Its facilities are ready, your team ready to provide the best accommodation experience to their customers… and sales management as well as the online distribution, entrusted to Bookincenter.

To contribute to that HTOP be calm when it comes to cover all your selling needs, us reinforces in the vocation Dingus develop the best and effective technological solutions for the sector.

We continue to work to create the next tool that marketing and hotel distribution is an easy, productive and competitive activity and let HTOP at the start of a summer that we want extraordinary for the thousands of tourists who come these days to hotels looking for an unforgettable holiday.