Next one of december, between 11.30 and 13.30, Dingus and Aspace we have an appointment in our offices of the Parc Bit. The Association of Cerebral Palsy in Baleares will install a Christmas Market along for that this year we can include craft objects in our selection of gifts.

It is our way of supporting a project that began 40 years ago, in 1976, when the concern of a few fathers and mothers with children with cerebral palsy made them look for a alternative educational and inclusive for their personal abilities. Aspace account today with almost a hundred workers and attends to the islands   more than 170 users in a school, residences and day centers, in addition to offering various services for the development of autonomy and the incorporation school, work and social.

One of the abilities that more are fostered in the workshops of the association are the manuals, and handicrafts is a nice way of expression in Christmas. For this reason Dingus family may choose this year to leave the ICT only for the job, and bet by artisanal details for the celebrations. Se trata de artesanías hechas con el corazón cuya venta ayudará a sostener la misión de Aspace: the integral care to people with cerebral palsy and related pathologies (and of their families) improving the quality of life for all.

The staff of Dingus already have the vouchers for to be redeemed by batches in the solidary market. In him will be users and staff of the association. We would like to invite colleagues from other companies in the Parc Bit to come to visit, learn about the project or interested in the programs Friends and Volunteering Aspace.

…And at next Dingus’ Christmas party, an ‘invisible friend’ will give us each a piece of craftsmanship that probably all our technological skills would never allow us to produce with so much heart.