Find new ways to boost the tourism industry at the present time is an exercise in imagination and professionalism. Therefore, we believe that Hotusa is of congratulations after the recent conclusion of the Venturing Day that Dingus had the opportunity to attend in Barcelona.

In particular was Hotusa Ventures, the corporate capital driven by the Hotusa group Fund. Was created to help entrepreneurs build and / or developing technology companies, investing financial resources, and development strategic capabilities.

The first edition of the Venturing Day was what was expected: a quote from the technology entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, interesting presentations and round tables. They addressed the challenges and opportunities of development of a startup or as start looking to the future: the companies of tomorrow, among other issues.

Dingus is identified with the philosophy of this initiative and with the reflection of the Chairman of the group, Amancio López, who said that at the time of major opportunities affecting the tourism sector “grow is not only a goal, but a strategy to be stronger”.