Nearly 250 exhibitors from all over the world, thousands of participants and visitors and a turnover that could exceed the 2.2 billion pounds generated the past 2014… the World Travel Market in London is, once again in its own right, the epicenter of the tourist world.

Dingus has returned to visit this appointment obliged with the trends, consolidated products, the new challenges facing the sector and the variables that can so easily end with a landmark destination and favor unexpectedly to another emerging. As the main international fairs, the WTM is a fragile ecosystem of which we, above all, impressions. And which we perceived to 2016 are hopeful and exciting.

In the stands of Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, the two Spanish archipelagos where Dingus concentrated a wide portfolio of clients, met forecasts that speak of a the British market’s double-digit increase in both cases. A similar situation is expected in the rest of the domestic and international destinations that rely on our technological solutions.This is due to factors as varied as the current strength of the pound sterling, the commitment to quality and excellence hotel, the confidence of airlines by increasing frequencies and flights, or the good work of distribution channels.

With almost all these segments that Dingus maintains strong relationships or prospects of having them in the medium term, the delegation at the fair has had the opportunity to meet. With channels, in the words of the general director of Dingus, Víctor Sánchez, “to exchange impressions on the integrations and advance with the channels, especially those operating in the Caribbean, with which we would like to connect”. With clients and partners in general, to keep these meetings of business and new opportunities without which the WTM would not make sense.