• A complete market study, a good plan and little fear: key factors of an SME to embark on the international adventure
  • Hitt Group was one of the companies participating in the event of ICEX (Spain Exports and Investments) to approach the sale abroad

“To face the internationalization of a company is necessary not to be afraid … but to have a good plan and a complete previous market research”. These are some of the recommendations that the head of internationalization of Hitt Group (Dingus and Etoolinnovation) Cristina Anacabe, shared in the day “SMEs that sell outside Spain. Can my company? ” organized by ICEX (Spain Exports and Investments). At the meeting held in the confederation of entrepreneurs of the Balearic Islands, CAEB, Anacabe focused on “taking advantage of the resources offered by ICEX itself or other institutions such as the IDI (Institute of Business Innovation). It can also be seen, according to our responsible on this topic, “work with a consultant who advises when going out, and participate in any event where companies in the sector of yours tell their experience.”

In this line of information exchange with SMEs that are considering taking their products and services out, Dingus (established in Cancun as a tourist “HUB” of the area through our Mexican subsidiary) had the opportunity to explain the changes in the organization after internationalization: from the English language training that is received in the company, to the customer service with the extension of schedules to attend the different time slots. At the product level, Anacabe stressed how the process “has forced us to treat and connect our technological tools to the main American and Canadian channels, as they dominate the issuing market in Mexico and the Caribbean”. With these integrations “more and more Caribbean hotels are asking for connections through our BookinCenter platform”.

The ICEX meeting also discussed the difficulties encountered by an SME to sell outside Spain. In our case, the implementation of ISO 9001 is particularly interesting because it “standardizes processes, establishes work formulas that are replicated in any headquarters and, in this way, communication flows in all dimensions of the company eliminating barriers such as time difference “.

The incorporation to Dingus México of an office manager with a great experience in the sector and strong ties with the country, Victor Lorenzo, and the total integration in the Mexican socio-economic and cultural structure, are guidelines that also facilitate the externalization of our model of business.