With the official ceremony held at the Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca, IBClusters has just started a journey shared by six clusters that currently operate in the Balearic Islands, the own Chamber of Commerce and the Islands University (UIB). The rotating presidency opens the CEO of Dingus, Jaume Monserrat, who based his lecture at the presentation conference precisely on the inspiring principle of the clusters policy and that, in his own words, “is to articulate the triple helix – private, public and educational sectors – with the aim of ensuring the development of a territory. And with structural strategic approaches”.

Monserrat recalled that, especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries, such initiatives come from the private sector, which then drags to the teaching and research, and with it to the public sector. The society of the 21st century “should work more than ever to be able to base the future development on models where innovation, at all levels, will be a priority that begins to instill in our children from school”.

This aspiration is summed up under the heading of the conference “Innovation, Collaboration and Creativity: from school to the company”, which was closed by the President of the Balearic Government, Francina Armengol, and brought together representatives of all the clusters that are allies in the new project, the University and the Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca.

It also concentrated a large representation of more than 200 companies in any of the groups and fields from the first megacluster of the Islands. It is the case of Dingus, committed to the principles of promoting joint research and innovation, increasing competitiveness through specialization, giving value to the talent, the creation and transfer of knowledge between companies and society… In short, be the engine of economic and social transformation. Sums it up, somehow, the principle highlighted by Jaume Monserrat in his speech: “innovation is an attitude”.