The CEO of Dingus, in his capacity as President of turistec, represented the Cluster of information technology and communication applied to tourism in the reception given by the Spanish Royal household to the authorities and representatives of the Balearic society.

The ceremony took place on 5 August in the Almudaina Royal Palace, headquarters of the official acts which the King presides during their stay on the island, and was offered by Felipe VI, Queen Letizia, as well as Queen Sofía, mother of the current monarch.

Alongside the civil and military authorities of the Islands were once again the different groups and personalities of the society Balearic Islands with the Spanish Royal House wanted to share the evening. Among them, and for the first time, the technological sector dedicated to the tourism industry that belongs Dingus and representing turistec. The President of the cluster, who attended the evening accompanied by his wife, Isabel Balaguer, valued as ‘an important recognition of the socio-economic impact of our activity’ this invitation.


Jaume Monserrat does extend ‘to all the partners of turistec and the technology-based companies involved in the improvement of our main industry’ satisfaction for what he considers a very important support from the highest Spanish institution ‘both to companies and people who make this work possible and tourist tissue which is intended’.

With this hearing Felipe VI maintains the tradition of thank the possibility of enjoying a few days of rest in the Balearic Islands. The head of State and his family spend the summer in Mallorca for over thirty years.