As president of the International Cluster of Information and Communication Technologies applied to Tourism (Turistec), Dingus CEO participated in one of the panels of experts of the XX International Congress of Tourism University-Company. The event focused on this edition in the governance and participation in the sustainable management of tourist destinations.

Jaume Monserrat defended the cluster figure as part of the value chain for the competitiveness of companies and territories. Especially when “the digital tourist is already a reality, and smart destinations a need to remain competitive”. Monserrat highlighted the mission and objectives of Turistec (ICT & Tourism cluster to which Hitt Group is associated with our Etoolinnovation and Dingus brands) as a “link between technological and tourist companies, business dynamizer and the generation of tools for technological development and socio-economic”.

In his speech in the debate on “use of data in the destination strategy”, Monserrat stressed that the confluence of IoT, Cloud and Big Data “gives us a real dimension of the potential use of data and their interconnectivity. Now more than ever, he said, the information needs a strategic treatment to address the reconfiguration of destinations”.

Among the global challenges they face, Turistec and its ecosystem of associates point to aspects such as the management of territorial interests, the integration of new collaborative models, the transformation of the offer into tourist experience to place the client in the center of destiny, or “provide professionals with digital capabilities that respond to the demands of the hyper connected traveler.”