Connected to Sell, the first large meeting of Dingus with the tourism sector in Mexico, which will be held on October 9, wants to bring the attendees all key points on direct selling in vacation markets. The renowned expert, Alejandro Lazcano, will address its importance and relevance and the evidence that, in recent years, the sale on the hotel’s website has grown exponentially.

In his speech, Lazcano will explain how strategy happens to control the brand, price and positioning of the product… and how a high sales conversion, inevitably involves subtracting at the distributors. Facing the reality of the market is unavoidable to address the balance, both in management like in pricing strategy.

The responsiveness to the needs obliges Dingus to maintain a vigilant position on everything that is happening in the field of marketing. Also to be accompanied by the companies and professionals who can contribute to the company and to our clients a wide vision, clear and objective of the market situation at all times.

Alejandro Lazcano is Director of Marketing for Excellence Group Luxury Hotels and Resorts, chain renowned for its complex of luxury in the Caribbean. The extensive experience of Lazcano translates into significant milestones in the different projects he has led, in the field of marketing and selling online.