• The Balearic island was once again the most sought-after destination in May at hotels connected to Dingus (Hitt Group) in Spain. It leads the trend of interest, followed at a considerable distance by Tenerife and the Costa Dorada. By areas, Salou became the most popular, followed by Palma Nova and Costa Adeje, in Tarragona, Mallorca and Tenerife, respectively.
  • In the Caribbean, Bavaro (Punta Cana) repeats its leadership in the destinations operated by our hotel clients in the area of Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Jamaica.
  • Couples are still more interested in travelling, but in Spain they are starting to look for other types of customers and families.
  • The Dingus DataHotel trend graphs are an important element for the hotel, helping to define their strategies and try to convert search into booking.

Etoolinnovation is working to incorporate different dashboards and reports into Dingus DataHotel that analyse search trends in more than 1,200 connected hotels in 25 countries and 52 destinations, taking advantage of the more than 1,000 million monthly product search requests we receive. In the geographical segment of Spain, indicators from our Big Data-based platform place Mallorca as the destination that attracted the most interest in searches during May, with 33.1%, followed by Tenerife with 11.4% and the Costa Dorada with almost 8%.

However, in the indicators for more specific geographical areas, Salou is the most sought-after in the country (6.9% of searches), followed by Palma Nova (4.6%) and Costa Adeje (4.3%).

Demand is increasing more in advance, for short stays and mostly for couples.

We observe that the period of advance booking is increasing: only 26.4% have within a period of less than 30 days. The months of July and August account for 37.4% of the searches, and there is an increase in family bookings or other types of bookings other than couples, although this modality continues to predominate with almost 75% of the searches. The most searched stays are short stays, from one to four nights.

Punta Cana is once again the favourite in the Caribbean

In the Caribbean countries with hotels connected to Dingus (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Cuba), potential customers are mainly looking for Punta Cana (40.1%) and more specifically Bávaro, which accounts for more than 28% of searches. In second place as a destination is Riviera Maya (25%) with the southern area accounting for 16.8% of search preferences.

The demand for holidays for couples is maintained, with an advance booking very similar to the demand in Spain, although it is striking that 36.5% of searches were for stays between the same month of May and June. Short stays also predominate in these destinations: 45.7% are interested in staying between one and four nights, and almost 36% in the one-week option.

4* in Spain and 5* in the Caribbean

In terms of the hotel chosen, the difference in the type of establishment between the Spanish segment and the Caribbean is clear: in the former, almost 71 out of every 100 searches are for a four-star hotel, while in the Caribbean area of the American continent, where the high-end resort model abounds, almost 74% of searches in May were for 5-star hotels.

Domestic market and flexible cancellation conditions

In the channels integrated with Dingus with the highest activity we see that both in the Caribbean and in Spain, during the month of May, the main markets looking for hotels are nationals, followed in Spain by Germans and in the Caribbean by Americans, driven by the vaccination rates in their respective countries and the progressive elimination of restrictions on travel to the destinations in demand. The consolidated trend is that searches with flexible cancellation conditions predominate, an option assimilated by most hotels and chains in the current context of pandemic and uncertainty.