As 9 October is approaching, and with it the event Connected to Sell that we are organizing in Cancun, we reaffirm the importance of addressing one of the issues more complex to improve the hotel marketing: the mathematics of a fare.

We believe that only professionals with a high capacity for analysis and communication can explain what it means, in all its dimensions, the need that the prices live in all stages of the sale of a hotel.

Precisely because the globalization of that sale, with consolidated actors in the field of traditional operators and the online channels, is essential to review how the various rates are structured: net, opaque, public, by market … And a applied business logic that enables the implementation of strategies and policies parity market, among other things.

For his experience in the world of B2B and B2C distribution and extensive experience in an agency like Expedia, characterized by rigor in the creation of money from the rates offered by the hotel, we are convinced that Pablo Castro is another essential speaker at the event.


In his capacity as Senior Product Manager for Expedia, Pablo Castro currently oversees the team responsible for developing and implementing strategic market initiatives. The main objective is to generate long-term relationships with partner hotels online travel agency in Mexico and Central America.