We know that Benidorm (Alicante) is one of the tourist destinations mature Spanish. But also we know his intention of being kept in the top 10 of so many rankings of beaches, hotels and complementary offer, between others, contributing added value to his thousands of visitors (12 millions of pernoctaciones / year). One of the keys is the possibility of offering simple steps to the potential tourist, in order that it finishes turned into a satisfied client.Other one would be to achieve that all the processes are equal of effective, rapid and productive in the management of the sale and the distribution online… And it is there where the tools that, like technological solutions Dingus develops, are our contribution to this future determined to the innovation.

We want that our clients visualize that constant we us try to anticipate to the needs of the market, since we have done till now. But also that feel this proximity the channels of sale … and because of it we have assembled in the from Alicante municipality to a notable representation. We had the occasion to be with partners so emphasized as Logitravel, Sidetours, Olympia Mediterráneo, Booking, Welcomebeds, Jumbo jet, Serhs and Ideal Tours.

The scene was that of the Hotel Flash Benidorm, one of the exponents of the new hotel concept for the one that competes in the zone. A suitable place to show to the channels our technological tools for the sector, the scope that they are having in the tourist area, as well as the changes and improvements incorporated in the last year.

It was a question of transmitting, especially, to our allies and principal prescribers the concept at which we are employed intensely to go forward to every need and which is summarized in one of our slogans: ” a minute before it should wake the world up … is great advantage “.