Our partner MTS Globe made official the 22% increase in sales to hotels connected to Dingus, so far this year.

  • An Easter holiday complicated in the weather and tourism, with losses estimated at more than 25 million euros in both the hotel sector and the complementary offer. The cancellations were more than considerable in the hotels of the Costa Blanca.
  • A beginning of May animated above all by Spanish tourists (especially those from the Madrid community, who added the holiday of 2 May), with a considerable impact on last-minute bookings.
  • And British tourism remains strong despite the uncertainty before the Brexit, which is why many hoteliers bet on market diversification and maintain a very versatile position, allowing them to face any scenario.

All these situations have arisen in recent weeks in the Spanish Levant, and for all of them Dingus has the tools that can best contribute to addressing them: Bookincenter for diversification, Roomonline for direct sales, and Book&Payment and its possibilities in the event of cancellations or for no shows, for example. And so we had the opportunity to explain it in the third meeting Dingus & Hotels held in Benidorm, as the tourist epicenter of the Costa Blanca.

  • Dingus en Benidorm
  • Dingus en Benidorm
  • Dingus en Benidorm
  • Dingus en Benidorm
  • Dingus en Benidorm

The Dingus sales team, led by Rodrigo Hernáez and made up of our account managers Serena Caporro, Narek Davtyan and Isabel Robledo, chose three of the products in the portfolio to reinforce their presence in the local market, or to present the new products in progress:

Bookincenter: the comprehensive solution that allows you to manage  hotel reservations from a single platform. It is the most advanced on the market when it comes to integrating in a single environment all the necessary functionalities and managing personalized hotel sales: one client, one situation, one opportunity.

Roomonline: another complete solution for direct sales through the hotel’s corporate website. With 70% of travellers booking their holidays online, no opportunity can be missed from their own portal. So we create pages with customized and scalable designs. Our content management system (CMS) allows you to edit 100% of the website and keep it updated in a simple and intuitive way.

Book&Payment: protect your business financially and legally. It is a platform designed to manage collections, complying at all times with PCI regulations. It offers a series of functionalities that will allow to extend the vision of the sale of our clients, unifying the Cashflow to the Revenue in real time.

The solvency and experience of MTS Globe: 22% more clients in hotels connected to Dingus

The Dingus&Hotels meetings are characterized by having our partners, and in Benidorm we were pleased to have María Simó and Víctor Oliveira (Supplier Integration and Senior Operations Manager, respectively) of MTS Globe with us. With presence in 19 countries and 65 destinations today, the origins of the channel go back to the constitution in 1967 as DMC (Destination Management Company). All the accumulated experience also translates into the solvency to face challenges such as personalization and excellence of the product “and always with people working behind the technology”.

  • Dingus en Benidorm

During MTS Globe’s intervention to explain how its integrations with hotels and other clients work, Simó and Oliveira highlighted “the great compatibility with Dingus, something that reduces the margins of error and that, so far in 2019, has already allowed us to increase the number of MTS passengers in hotels connected to Dingus by 22%. In addition, growth has been a constant during the cooperation between the two, which began in 2017.

The global presence of MTS in the portfolio through Dingus covers Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and, especially, Portugal and Spain (with an outstanding presence in the two archipelagos, the Balearic and Canary Islands, Andalusia, Catalonia and the Valencian Community). Our invited partners assured the hotels of the meeting that, in fact, “the east and the Costa Blanca is one of the areas with great potential for growth for all”.

PCI-DSS Regulations and Comercia Global Payments

Comercia Global Payments was another of the collaborators of the meeting in Benidorm. Pancho Perez, eCommerce Technical Presales Manage of the AddonPayments payment gateway, joined us to tell everything hotels need to know about the PCI-DSS standard with which the payment card industry wants to avoid fraud and keep data safe during transactions. With respect to the hotel client, “it is basic that regulations such as this exist and are respected, since it is the guarantee they have to know that the payments that are made are safe, as well as the certainty that the establishments do not store their data without their consent”.

  • Dingus en Benidorm
  • Dingus en Benidorm

Dingus’ Book&Payment (PCI-collection manager) is the platform that allows adaptation to this standard, in addition to the automation of collections, card validation and pre-authorization, and connection with multiple payment gateways, among other functionalities.

Working in team

Dingus en Benidorm

The day with our customers, partners and business opportunities in Benidorm was also possible thanks to Angel Cáceres. His knowledge of the area and the main actors of the tourism sector in it is a real plus for the work of the area of projects and implementation. To complete the expedition, Agustina Salord (head of the department) and Javier León (Dingus Support Manager-EMEA), in addition to our director of business development, Paula Servera, accompanied the commercial area in the action. The aim is to achieve a global approach to customers, from account management to those areas of Dingus work that are in charge of other departments to provide solutions.