At Hitt Group, Dingus and Etoolinnovation, our main objective is to offer the best possible service to our customers through continuous innovation and talent management, as differential levers of our market value. We have very clear and assimilated that, if we really want to take care of our clients, we must first do the same with all the professionals who work in the group. We believe that quality is “what happens when the customer does not look” and that communication is the backbone of our business philosophy. It is something we are willing to defend and care for.

That is why we want to share the latest revision of our principles and objectives with all those who trust us, or will do so in the future. We also comply with the principle that should govern in the implementation of the international standard ISO 9001 that we are carrying out: publicly ensure compliance with the law, safety of our team and continuous improvement.

In this way, we confirm that our VISION as a company is the paradigm shift in the ICT-Tourism relationship based on technological innovation, the creation of a style of work and professionals committed to growth and the generation of wealth based on knowledge, innovation and its objective application.

Our MISSION is to place the company at the head of the innovation, with enough weight to:

  • Generate currents of opinion in the sector
  • Meet the needs of the tourism industry
  • Generate wealth through the contribution of value to our stakeholders
  • Ensure the highest levels of competitiveness
  • Act with social responsibility
  • Create safe and stable working environments for the development of the people who      accompany us in this project.

For all of the above, some values to be shared by all members of the organization are established: ethics, transparency, customer care and quality as a reference of any service, product or action.

It moves us to give technological answers to the needs of tourism. But we are motivated that the success of our business model includes those who make it possible, inside and outside the Hitt Group.