The government of Gran Canaria has successfully closed the entrepreneurship program for ICT projects that have been developed since November 2016 by SPEGC and EOI (the Gran Canaria Economic Promotion Society and the School of Industrial Organization, respectively), with three award-winning initiatives and a total of 19 interesting proposals of new technological businesses for the tourist industry.

The Director General of Dingus had the opportunity to participate in the final days of this program, such as the forum What a trip! to analyze the opportunities, trends and business models of the tourism sector. The format was a roundtable with different experts and representative companies, moderated by Juan Manuel Benítez, dean of the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Víctor Sánchez was also a member of the jury in the DemoDay that chose the three winning initiatives. All of them will now be able to develop their projects in the business space of the TIC Center for Tourism Innovation of the first insular institution.

The first prize went to the company ‘Canary on board’ that turns boats moored on docks in hotel rooms. The second for the accessible tourism portal ‘’, and the third for ‘Kontroloo’ bracelets, submersible and customized devices for large events that facilitate from access to payment of consumption and other products, thanks to a system automatic coin refill.

We would like to emphasize that was the project that requested the mentoring of Víctor Sánchez at the request of its CEO, renowned expert in Social Media, Pedro Hache. For the Director General of Dingus it has been very enriching that “a startup with such a significant potential for the holidays of people with reduced mobility has been interested in our business model, based on the possibilities of our technological tools for hotel management. is a very attractive and useful project that currently offers more than 400 rooms in about twenty countries “. This accessible tourism website allows the choice a la carte accommodation that best suits the tastes and needs of the user, who can book their holiday adapted in several clicks. At the moment it already has the backing of the main Spanish hotel chains.