• We are one of the only CRS and Channel Managers in the world that has created a solution to prevent the hotel from needing to be certified as PCI compliant. From contract to payment, without losing sight of the booking process at any time
  • Next 02/12/2019 will remove all card data from our systems, so, from the date, it will no longer be necessary to worry about the processing of these data

Yes, the cards as such and all data not tokenized (encrypted), have the days counted in the hotel reservation process. At Dingus we have set a deadline for its use as we know it, and before the end of the year there will no longer be any in the databases. It’s not a whim, of course: it’s the result of having raised our own information security standard to better serve the interests of our customers (and their data) by certifying us as a PCI Compliance Service Provider Level 1. In other words, we have taken a further step towards secure payments and, by extension, the protection of the hotels we work with. And with all the guarantees of our Book&Payment platform, which is ready to ensure the booking process from the channel to the hotel: from the contract to the payment, guaranteeing custody, integrity and traceability of the card.

In short, we have developed a proprietary environment where customer reservations are at the service level signed with Dingus (SLA), supporting regulatory requirements, improving the level of cybersecurity and facilitating day-to-day operations for hotels.

Why now?

Simply because certification as a PCI DSS provider means deadlines and guidelines. This standard of the payment card industry is very demanding as it is actually a process that cannot be broken at any time. This is something that certified companies should watch out for if, as Dingus is in a position to do, we want to ensure that any stakeholder that connects with us will comply with PCI thanks to Book&Payment.

Safeguard booking processes

Commitment to security has been one of the maxims in all Dingus strategies since its inception, with more than 23 million reservations processed since then. The responsibility of safeguarding the processes of each one implies not sparing efforts in the constant search for the highest levels of security for our customers. The growing application in the tourism industry of the PCI regulation for card transactions, and the obtaining of the level one accredited provider, qualifies us to apply security procedures and protection of payment cards, with our own products.

Consequently, CEO of Dingus announces on behalf of the company that “as of December, all customers will be able to benefit from this compliance, ensuring that in the databases there is none derived from the credit card. Nevertheless –says Jaume Monserratthese data will be conveniently guarded, safeguarded and available to customers on demand, and for a reasonable period of time and adjusted to the PCI protocol”.  In addition, and from now on, the process extends to all third party products with which Dingus establishes a connection. In this way, only those who accredit the same level of PCI certification as Dingus will be eligible to receive payment card information.

We innovate for your tranquility

With this new action, Dingus remains at the forefront of innovation by providing customers and suppliers with the highest possible security environment, and by ensuring that operations that may result from its application are not interrupted. We believe it is an important value for those who trust us, our products and services.

Practical summary

  1. PCI DSS compliance is a requirement for all companies that process, store or manage Visa, Mastercard American Express, Discover Financial Services and JCB International card information. Its objective is to guarantee the security in the treatment of these sensitive data. This means that, in order to ensure compliance with the standard, retailers must not only guarantee that their suppliers comply with it: they must obtain their own certification.
  2. In this scenario Dingus has not only obtained the certification of our software to ensure security, but we are also one of the few CRS and Channel Manager that has created a solution to prevent the hotel from needing to be certified in PCI compliance.
  3. We do this through our Book&Payment tool: we delete card details so that hotel staff do not have access to them, and we allow you to operate safely with tokens. If the hotel does not process or store card data, it does not need to comply with PCI.
  4. Consequences for our clients: In compliance with the standard, next 02/12/2019 will remove all card data from our systems, so from the date will no longer be necessary to worry about the processing of these data. Customers who have contracted B&P will automatically see all card data tokenized with future output to this date, regardless of when the product has been contracted.
  5. Book&Payment has different levels of service to adapt to the needs of all our customers: from those who only want to operate with cards ensuring compliance with the PCI standard, to those who need a collection management solution that minimizes costs and expands the distribution strategy.
  6. Any additional information you need, we will be happy to provide. Contact comercial@dingus.es
Security without card data