In percentage data, the number of students who stay with us as employees after completing their practices in the Hitt Group (Dingus and Etooltech) reached 75% in 2016. It is the accumulation of a historical series that began almost a decade ago, when both companies they adhered to different projects of practices for the expansion of knowledge and access to the labor market of university students enrolled in different degrees and masters.

We are particularly pleased with the agreement between the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) and that of Anahuac in Mexico, which has allowed us to incorporate José Luis Tovilla and Enmanuel Mirabent into the Dingus division in Cancun. Both passed the training and adaptation stages in our offices in Spain and Quintana Roo. In the international area we have also received in recent years students from Brazil, although most of our fellows study in Mallorca, in the Faculty of Tourism of the islands.

Dingus y estudiantes de Business and strategic models in tourism

Recently we had the opportunity to attend the visit of the Commission of Accreditation of the Degree of Tourism of the mentioned university, and we were able to express our commitment with the academic institution, its projects and its students. We explained to the representatives of the National Accreditation Agency (ANECA), under the Ministry of Education and Culture, that the participation of students in the practices of companies and organizations adhering to the program, ensures that the tourism and technology sector can incorporate their staff to qualified professionals.

We were also able to explain to the evaluators the different initiatives that we carried out with the Faculty of Tourism, such as curricular and extracurricular practices, seminars or recruitment of graduates. This last facet, that of employers, is precisely one of the most important challenges in our business project for talent management.