As partners of the International Cluster of Information and Communication Technologies applied to Tourism, Dingus and Etoolinnovation (Hitt Group), we have attended the recent IBM seminar on Blockchain and the possibilities of this technology, ready to revolutionize business and business environments.

The conferences to situate us in this concept, how it emerges and where it can lead us, were given by Olga Blanco and Arantza Marqués, responsible for Blockchain and IBM’s Blockchain consultancy in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel. Both experts recalled that, according to the study by the Institute for Business Value “the main strategic advantage of Blockchain is that it allows innovation to be taken to business models. Managers who are already exploring this technology plan to use it to drive new business strategies and, as confidence in it increases, companies will begin to compete and collaborate in ways that are still unpredictable”.

The multinational insisted that this technology “generates new, safer and more reliable ways of working. Although 8 out of 10 companies that are already testing it recognize that they are not accustomed to collaborating with their competitors (even in a selective way), 66% do say they are implementing new business models”. The truth, as discussed in the talk, is that by linking people, resources and organizations in an interactive ecosystem, businesses can offer all kinds of additional services. “They could, for example, support the use of micropayments and avoid intermediaries’ fees, or put different types of support under the direct control of their creators, to solve problems associated with licensing”.

While Olga Blanco said that “without a doubt the next technological revolution already underway is Blockchain, with its possibilities of greater participation and efficiency, but lower cost,” Arantza Marques explained that “IBM’s method begins by identifying how a company can use Blockchain. For example, in the face of an inefficient process with which we want to end in order to eliminate weaknesses and compete better”.

The IBM seminar was introduced by Dingus CEO and president of Turistec, Jaume Monserrat, who highlighted “the commitment of the cluster and its partners to generate value thanks to appointments such as this one, where we can access valuable and interesting information, sharing it. All this contributes to the objective of continuing to build a highly competitive network with a high socioeconomic impact in our immediate surroundings “.