In 2013 Dingus began to receive the visit of the students of International Marketing at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB). In that tradition, a few days ago arrived to our facilities in the Technological Park of Palma (Parc Bit) a thirty students of different nationalities that studying this matter. They did it again with the associate professor in the area of Marketing and Market Research of the academic institution, Miguel Trias. The coordinator of the course considers that “These visits represent a very important activity to learn first hand about internationalized enterprises, as Dingus, that also works aspects such as those that are addressed by our temary: the marketing in different countries, the transnational segmentation and positioning or the decisions in the formulation of the international marketing strategy”.

The business model of Dingus, its essence as a provider of technological products and services for the hotel sector, the expansion to Mexico and expanding the portfolio of clients to different countries and continents, were some of the aspects addressed by our partner Maialen Hernandez in her briefing.


The group of university students, that participated actively in the meeting an interest among other issues by some of the technological solutions that we develop, expands with this activity a formation that expected to equip young people with skills as the capacity to understand the context of the international business. In the visit were also accompanied by the Director General and the Commercial Director of Dingus, Víctor Sánchez and Arantxa Pons, and they left us a group photo that is already a part of our album of collaborations in which we can be useful.