Providing the best response to our customers in a time when the company grows and consolidates the internationalization process started in 2013, it has allowed changes like this. Dingus has reshaped the organizational management with promotions and additions that make up a solid and structured group, with Victor Sanchez in the General Directorate of the company led by Jaume Monserrat.

The Commercial Directorate is divided by the different needs of more immediate and direct management in Spain, with the veteran Arantxa Pons to front, while in Latin America depends on Nacho Bucio and his Caribbean market dominance. Dingus Support, the knowledge platform for customers, will be managed by another professional highlighted in the tourism sector, Guillem Mesquida.

Our premise is to assume that the enormous changes, particularly with respect to how the product is consumed by customers, requires a conception of global and anticipatory service. Satisfy demand also depends that with all actors, from traditional to those seeking to gain a foothold, we find the new common space technology provides.

We believe that our organization must adjust to changing times, maintaining a comprehensive vision that also allows the collective growth of the company. And that largely depends on each and every one of the people who are in charge of the areas that make up… They are aware that the decision to work with Dingus assumed in many cases an important change for the customer, both in the operational management like how to understand and assimilate new marketing models. So the new management structure will maintain and enhance the necessary complicity and trust with customers, which is the basis of our business model.