How has tourism evolved with technology? And what is the future for this combination? These are two of the questions that the CEO and co-founder of Dingus-Hitt Group answered in the latest edition of the Hoy por Hoy SER empresarios Mallorca program, sponsored by BBVA. Thanks to the invitation of the financial institution and the radio station, Jaume Monserrat had the opportunity to explain our business model, the situation generated by the Covid-19 in our activity and that of our clients, as well as the prospects for the coming months and everything that will have to be worked on for a recovery in conditions of the sector, protecting talent and employment. As president of the international cluster of technology for tourism based in the Balearic Islands, Monserrat also explained to Vanessa Abad the passage through these difficult months for Turistec companies and the necessary public-private partnership to address what is to come. You can listen to the full interview by clicking here. Available in Spanish only.