How could Dingus meet the growing demand of the hotel sector to evolve its direct sales, through an easy-to-use website that is managed in a comprehensive way and in conjunction with the other channels?. And how to do it through our Bookincenter booking engine?. The response of our hotel distribution company and creation of technological solutions for marketing was RoomOnline.

Now it’s been two years since this product hit the market under the premise of:

  • maximum security
  • robust and scalable technology
  • flexibility and customization in a standardized Project
  • 360º integral management

As for the first thing, the security is maximum because the hosting of our solutions is made from Amazon Web Services, world leader prepared for high performance. In addition, all management is covered by the information security standard established by ISO 27001. On the other hand, the use of the Django and Bootstrap frameworks, as well as the Pyton programming language, guarantee to have one of the largest CMSs on the market and a flexibility that allows each project to evolve over time. At the same time, having the booking engine and management of Dingus, BookinCenter, adds conditions to provide a successful solution.

RoomOnline offers the possibility to customize each project in a flexible and modular way, without losing the advantage of using a standardized SaaS programming, service software, which incorporates free upgrades and continuous improvements. The goal is that the web is not obsolete. In the catalog of advantages we also highlight that we bring together the best professionals to cover all the services that are necessary to carry out a comprehensive management provision for the hotel, in all phases of customer journey.

No less important, we believe, is that you choose how you want to work with us. We adapt to you whether you prefer a fixed cost and individualized selection of additional services to hire, or whether you opt for a conditioned cost to the reservations obtained. With flat or variable rate, what we are convinced is that RoomOnline is the best option if you want to dynamize with direct sales guarantees.